Works for Wind Ensemble

       (Based on a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay)


Visions in the Sky
       I. Morning Suns Are Only Met With Omens
       II. Relief in its Purest Form


*Symphony No. 1 "Portraits"
        I. Fanfare
        II. Hymn
        III. Damnation


Sjunkhatten Plains
       (Tone Poem for Wind Ensemble)


^Winter Songbook (for the Central California Youth Wind Ensemble)
        I. Aurora Borealis

Works for Orchestra

*Concerto for Trumpet
       Commissioned by Theodore Stone
       (for Solo Trumpet in C and Orchestral Wind Section)


Chorale for Strings
       (for String Orchestra)


*Leaves of Autumn Call Once More
       (Tone Poem for Symphony Orchestra)


Works for Choir

       (Setting of a poem by Kathryn Harlan-Gran)


Works for Chamber Ensembles or Soloists

Elegy No. 1
       (for solo piano)
        Premiered Dec. 7, 2015; Jose Veliz


*Scherzo and Prayer
       Written for Vanessa Lopez
       (for solo Flute and Piano accompaniment)


       Written for Martín Acosta
       (for Bb Clarinet and Piano accompaniment)


       Written for Allison Cawthon
       (setting of Percy Bysshe Shelley's "A Lament")


*Untitled work for Soprano
        Written for Jess Hamorsky


*Untitled work for Mezzo Soprano
       Written for Ashley Avicolli


Works for Film

The Great Baby Chase (2015)
       a film by Isabel Zavala
       music by Johansen H.S. AP Theory '14-'15 & Alex Arellano


       a film by Elias Smith


*Work in progress
^Work Partially Completed