Music for Chamber Ensembles

Meditations for Piano

Started in 2017, Meditations was written as a sort of response to Eric Satie's Vexations and an exploration of a more minimalist approach to material. 

The work is in two movements, listed below.

I. Largo Sostenuto
II. Poco Andante

The pair was premiered by Emiri Nourishirazi at the Frost School of Music Society of Composers Inc. collaboration concert with Kaleidoscope MusArt. 

Winter Shades of Clarity

Premiered on March 31st, 2017 by Jessie Gilday, Amy Hoang, Rachel Komroff, Leslie Miller, Alex Morales, & Benjamin Webster

Winter Shades of Clarity for Clarinet Sextet was written in 2017 for "Clarinova: Frost Clarinetist Composers' Concert" organised by Jesse Gilday at the University of Miami.

First Suite for Brass Quintet

Written in 2017.

Premiered on April 25th, 2017 by
Jack Magann, Kyle Elgarten, Jeffrey Chapman, Chase Gasko, and Charlie Rose

Quintet No. 1 for Brass Quintet was written in 2017 for the Premier recital for the WAV Collective at the University of Miami in April of 2017.

I. Prelude
II. Lyric
III. Con Moto

Sonata for Flute

Written for Emma Morris. Composed in 2017

Sonata for Flute was written in conjunction with my First Suite for Brass Quintet for the premier recital for the WAV Collective at the University of Miami in April of 2017.

The Four movements of the Sonata are as follows:

I. Prelude
II. Song
III. Soliloquy
IV. Square Dance


Written for Allison Cawthon and Jenny Su. Composed in 2015.

lamentation was written in the fall 2015 at the request of fellow Frost School of Music student Allison Cawthon.

The piece is characteristically an art song that sets Percy Shelley's poem A Lament, as well as two verses from the Book of Lamentations to music. The Bible verses close each stanza, with the first verse correlating with the first stanza of the Shelley, that hope is gone, and the second verse countering the second Shelley stanza, that hope is is never truly gone.

The piece was completed in memory of all those who lost their lives in the multiple 2015 bombings in Paris, Baghdad, Beirut, and Yola.

For Solo Piano. Composed in 2015.

Elegy No. 1 was composed in 2014 following the passing of the father of a close friend of mine. Death hadn't been a subject I'd been near first hand until this point; this was first time that the person lost was someone I new personally. I composed this piece as a reflection of the sorrow and catharsis I witnessed of my dear friend and his family, all of whom I have seen as an extension of my own family since I was very young, as well as my own thoughts and realizations that a person I had seen most everyday has now moved on and no longer will this world hear his laughter.

Premiered Dec. 7th, 2015 by Jose Veliz

Elegy No. 1