Music for Orchestra

Fantasia on a Song for a Child

For Symphony Orchestra

Written in 2017 for a reading session with the Frost Symphony Orchestra

Fantasia on a Song for a Child is based on a a lullaby composed in the same year for my nephew. The tune to that lullaby is woven into this short fantasia for symphony orchestra. The work is dedicated to my nephew, Lucás.

Symphony No. 1 "La Ciudad"

For Symphony Orchestra

Symphony No. 1 "La Cuidad" is a work in progress.
Started in 2017, the piece began as a project for a reading with the Frost Symphony Orchestra at the University of Miami's: Frost School of Music.

The symphony is in multiple portraits that detail the establishment of La Ciudad de México from the development of Tenochtitlán on lake Texcoco, through the development of the modern city that stands today. The inner movements are written about the decimation of the Aztec Empire and the removal of the Spanish conquistadors on “la noche triste” and the appearances of la Virgin de Guadalupe to Saint Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac. The piece is in four movements:

I. Sunrise Over Texcoco
II. “la noche triste”
III. Tepeyac
IV. La Ciudad

Concerto for Trumpet in C

For Orchestral Wind section and solo Trumpet in C.

Concerto for Trumpet was commissioned by the principle Trumpet player of the Central California Youth Wind Ensemble, and my long time friend, Theodore Stone while he was a student at the University of the Pacific. The piece, like many existing Concerti, seeks to explore the versatility of its subject instrument. Through its four movements, the concerto depicts many portraits of emotion, including reverence, frustration, and emotional catharsis.

I. Prelude
II. "Danse"
*III. Catharsis
*IV. Finale

Chorale for Strings

For String Orchestra. Composed in 2013.

Written for a reading session with the 2013 Summer Music at Stanislaus string orchestra. Chorale for Strings explores the very choral quality of the string orchestra and explores the very simple and beautiful sound that the ensemble can create.