Music for Wind Ensemble

Composed in the summer of 2018 during the South Carolina Conductors Institute.

Revelries is an energetic 4-minute overture for Wind Band that draws on modal and brief moments of chromatic harmonies throughout the work.

The piece is currently entered into competitions and more details will be released soon.


Fanfare for Wind Ensemble

Fanfare for Wind Ensemble was written in the summer of 2017 for the start of the Central California Youth Wind Ensemble's third season.

The work is dedicated to the Central California Youth Wind Ensemble and all of the great friends that have helped the ensemble build and develop over the last few years.

"Quel Guardo Il Cavaliere"

From Don Pasquale

Transcribed in 2017 for the Central California Youth Wind Ensemble and Soprano, Rachel Querreveld.

Norina's Aria, also known by the first line of the soprano "Quel guardo, il cavaliere", is a scene from Gaetano Donizetti's opera Don Pasquale written in 1842

In the scene, Norina is reading a novel about love. After reading a section of the novel aloud, she begins to explain that she knows all the tricks of capturing a man's heart.

Winter Songbook

Started in 2016 for the Central California Youth Wind Ensemble (CCYWE).

The Winter Songbook is an ongoing project with the CCYWE. Movements are planned to be premiered in pairs or individually each subsequent winter cycle of the CCYWE. The Suite is written for a chamber wind ensemble, a maximum of 20 players.

I. Aurora Borealis
Premiered December 23rd, 2016.

The first movement is an aural landscape, painting the picture of the famous "Northern Lights" and has the simple purpose of capturing the grandness of the beautiful, natural event through music.

*II. Howling Winds of of the Windy City

*III. Frost and Morning Dew

*IV. Shimmering Lights of the Big Apple

Sjunkhatten Plains

Composed in 2016.

Sjunkhatten Plains was written for a reading session with the Frost Wind Ensemble at the University of Miami's Frost School of Music.

The piece is highly influenced by the music of ancient northern European and Scandinavian civilizations. The tone poem is intended to reflect the mountainous fjords of the north, the drums and war chants of vikings, and the intimate ritual music of the iron age instrument, the Carnyx (reflected in the bass flute solo).

Visions in the Sky

Started during the summer of 2016.

Visions in the Sky is a two movement suite for wind ensemble that relates to the many ways that historic cultures around the world would see natural occurrences in the firmament as symbols of potentially great or equally terrible things to come.

I. Morning Suns Are Only Met With Omens

*II. Joys of a Bountiful Harvest


Composed in 2012.

After a detailed analysis of Edna St. Vincent Millay's "Dirge Without Music", my interest was piqued by her poetry and I, quasi-ironically, decided to compose a piece of music influenced by a poem that was intended to be music-less.

Since its premier in 2012 with the Oakdale High School Symphonic Band, the piece is currently being reworked.


* Work in Progress